The emergency measures for fire prevention of event tents are as follows

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1.The dry powder extinguisher are need to be prepared at the tent site,Confirm the location of fire outlet,Equipped with high pressure sprinkler.

2.The above emergency supplies should be fully equipped and need to strengthen

daily management.Fire extinguishers must not exceed the test date.

3.It needs to estabilsh and improve the fire prevention responsibility system at all levels,Each team entering the tent installation site must sign the contract of responsibility,The leader in charge of production of tent is responsible for the fire safety work on the site.

4.The tent installation site shall have the site safety officerin charge,Volunteer firefighter、electrician、electric welder must carry on the safety fire protection knowledge training regularly and monitor their work regularly.

5.The open fire used in the construction site of the tent shall be managed by the project safety officer.No one can designate the installation personnel to use the open fire,On site fire watchers should strictly abside by their duties.The wastes of site installation need to clean timely.

6.For inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, chemical dangerous goods and flammable liquids, warehouses and other hazards set up eye-catching fire signs warning signs,lectric welding away from flammable, explosive liquid (gas) body warehouse and operation area.Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, chemical dangerous goods and flammable liquids should be strictly managed,The inflammable and combustible sundries in the working face of the installation site and material stacking site should be cleaned or removed in time, isolated or stacked in the designated place.

7.The on-site personnel shouted immediately after finding the fire,At the same time,inform the person in charge of production to organize emergency response team for emergency action.Gather on-site personnel to put out the fire,When the fire is serious,call 119 immediately to tell the exact location and situation of the fire and ask the armed police for fire fighting assistance.

The KENTEN tents’s aluminum alloy and steel components are in accordance with the China

Temporary Buildings Regulations of GB 50017-2003.

KENTEN tent cover is flame retardant according to B1, M2, DIN4102, NFP92503.With 90 mph wind speed, 3-second gust wind, Exposure cat. B .



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