Tent supplier for German 2007 beer celebration

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since its inception,Guangdong Bavaria beer celebration has kept its original German tradition.In addition to freshly airlifted vessen beer from Bavaria, the world’s oldest beer birthplace, the popular “Munich band” has become one of the symbols of the festival.


The 14th guangzhou German beer festival opened in guangzhou on September 14, the city’s tourism authorities relevant leaders attended the event, and made a barrel opening ceremony for the beer festival.


The unique German beer festival in guangzhou is deeply loved by Chinese and foreign people living in Shanghai. It’s very popular every year. The “Munich band”, which is popular with the guests on the spot, will bring one by one wonderful night to the guests with dynamic music and passionate dance music.In additons every night’s cheering competition and attractive lottery activity also push the activity to the climax.

The German Beer Festival, which has a history of nearly 200 years, has developed from the celebration of the wedding of the crown prince to today’s Party for all people.It has evolved from a conventional cultural tradition to a life style of “happy, friendship and sharing”.The German Beer Festival is a carnival gathering good wine, food and entertainment.It must be a wonderful holiday.


Since the first beer festival,the tents and beer have been closely linked,The big tent has become an indispensable temporary building for every successful beer festival.The internal supporting facilities of the big tent include aircondition、floor、Carpet、curtain、Lamp and so on.Glass walls and doors can also be made around the inside of the big tent.


Kenten’s tent is the first choice of beer festival tent,Because we have innovative design, safety guarantee, excellent technical support and perfect after-sales service.German Beer Festival series of cultural activities have been rooted in Guangzhou for 14 years, Which had became the most attended Beer Festival and the annual international cultural event in Guangzhou.During the ice and alcohol Carnival of original pulp brewing, we can release ourselves in the warm music and endless play, feast on traditional German food and experience different beer culture.

Kenten’s beer festival tent can be used no matter the ground is flat,smooth or muddy.If you rent our Kenten’S beer festival tent for wedding party,Which it will make your activities more special.

Tent’s installation location:Guangzhou liuhua exhibition center


Tent’s specifications:

  • one set 25×45×5m tent,white roof cover,Triangle cover,One side wall is ordinary cover and the other side wall is glass wall,Both Gables are hard walls,Two sets of glass doors (one set is installed in the middle of the side wall,another set is installed in the middle of the gable, and two sets of supporting iron slopes),24 sets 85wled LED lights (one gantry with three longitudinal controls),Blue and white top curtain, The tent is fixed by weght plate.

(2)one set 3×6×2.7m tent,Aluminum alloy frame, full set of glass wall,Matching one door (with lock), matching side curtain around (color to be determined, to be notified later), The tent is fixed by weght plate.

(3)one set 6×21×2.7m tent,The middle is divided into two areas by cover;Floor 126 square meters, 6 lights,The tent is fixed by weght plate.

(4)one set 3×3×2.7m tent,Full set of ordinary cover,The tent is fixed by weght plate.

(5)2 emergency exit lights; 35 fire extinguishers; 2 hand basins;200m around the tent.125 sets of beer tables and chairs;4 small wooden boxes 15x15x40cm(There are four lamp heads on the site, which can not be removed. They need to be covered with small wooden boxes).


The Notice of this beer festival tent’s installation:

(1)During the installation, it is necessary to cooperate with the person in charge of the site of the tent rental party, and the salesman is responsible for the implementation and connection

(2)The remove time is only one day, and the project supervisor shall arrange the schedule.

(3)Evening activities start, all installations need to be completed by noon.



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