Technical requirements for water, electricity and fire protection of large exhibition tent

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1.Technical requirements for water, electricity and fire protection of large exhibition tent.

As the large exhibition tent is generally built by European style temporary exhibition hall,The main structure of the tent is aluminum alloy and PVC coated fabric, both of materials are fire-retardant.As it is mainly aimed at the special standard booth and other facilities inside the tent.Therefore,We need to consider the fire hydrant system and fire extinguisher system.What’s more.Water, electricity and fire protection engineering is to arrange the fire hydrant system in the large exhibition tent area, and add smoke masks to ensure the health and safety of staff and evacuees.

2.Design parameters and standards of hydropower and fire protection:

  • Ensure that there are two full water columns at any point in the exhibition area
  • Ensure that the number of fire extinguishers in the exhibition area is not less than 1 / 100 ㎡
  • The working pressure of the most unfavorable point is not less than 0.1MPa, and the water pressure at the most unfavorable point of municipal water supply measured on site is not less than 0.2MPa.
  • Fire Extinguisher use portable fire extinguisher and hand push fire extinguisher.

3.Main technical basis of hydropower fire protection

(1)The design standard of architectural lighting GB50034.

(2)The acceptance standard of construction quality of building electrical

engineering GB50303-2002.

(3)The design standard of power supply and distribution system GB50052-95.

(4)The design standard of building Lightning Protect GB50057-94.

(5)The design standard of civil building electrical JGJ16-2008.

(6)The standard of intelligent building GB/T50314-2006.


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