Technical Requirements for Large Event Tent Ground Fixation

September 11 2019 0Comment

1. The installation of tent should be reviewed for the condition of the foundation, if necessary, it should be reinforced, non-destructive reinforcement also should be adopted when there are special requirements on the ground.
2. The fixation on the ground should be calculated or load tested to determine its reliability.
3. Fixing of the tent on the ground, surfce ballast, steel anchorage, or other reliable fixing methods.
4. When using the weight fixing method, the material is placed on the plate as requied, the connection between the load bearing plate and base plate is no less than 2 bolts when the span is less then 20m.
5. Fixed with steel brazing, the depth of steel brazing should be calculated according to the required tensile force, minimum anchorage depth shall not be less than 900mm, diameter of steel brazing shall not be less than ¢25.
6. Fixed with expansion bolt, the grade of ground concrete shall not be lower than c20, the thickness shall not less than 200mm, the length and number of bolts shall be calculated according to the required tension,
the tensile strength of single expansion bolt is not less than 24KN, diameter not less than 12mm, lenth not less than 120mm, quality meets specifications.


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