Standardized Construction Measures Ensure the Quality of Tent Project

September 09 2019 0Comment

Main Measures to Ensure Construction Quality and Material Quality
1. Establish a project quality management organization in KENTENT.
2. Formulate the responsibilities of the tent construction quality management position.
3. Before the construction, conduct a “quality first, prevention first” education to the professionals who enter the site to improve the quality awareness of the construction personnel.
4. The relevant personnel of the engineering construction shall submit the standard drawing of the construction drawing design requirements before the large tents construction.
5. According to the creation of excellent work objectives, the corresponding targeted measures are prepared while various stages of construction .
6. Adhere to the quality requirements before the construction of each process, and clarify the quality standards.
7. Implement the self-inspection of the construction team, the mutual inspection of the tent construction management personnel, and the three-level quality inspection system for the full-time quality personnel.
8. The quality defects generated during the construction shall be rectified within a time limit in the form of rectification notices, implemented and rectified.
9. Management of tent project, equipped with full-time quality staff on site, implementation of project quality inspection, supervision and guidance, assessment and other functions.
10. Guangzhou KENTEN strict quality inspection of engineering materials entering the construction site, materials that do not meet the requirements are promptly withdrawn from the venue.
11. Forming an inspection team with the completion quality of the completed project, in accordance with standards and requirements, implementation of closing, rectification and other matters.
12. As required by the tent rental contract, implement the completion warranty, service and other work.


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