Measures to Prevent Disturbance in Large Tents

September 10 2019 0Comment

In order to create a quiet living and rest environment for the surrounding residents as as much as possible,
it is forbidden to build a night building for the tent. The following measures are taken:

1. Is forbidden to arrange night construction without permission (10 PM to 6 PM the next day);
2. If is nessary to arrange night construction for the tent project,
it shall be report to the purchaser for approval and guarantee that it will not cause any construction noise or man-made noise.
3. Night feeding, garbage transport vehicles into the tent site with “vehicle access permit” approach, not allowed to honk horn, unloading requirements to reduce noise as far as possible.
4. Do a good job of civilized construction of the construction team personnel publicity and education, does not bother people, establish a good image, do well in the relationship between the surrounding residents.
5. Large tent building site to place a notice board, the announcement of the project construction outline, with the understanding of the surrounding residents.



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