Material transportation and inspection of KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES tent

June 11 2020 0Comment

The materials of the KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES tent production plant have been carefully selected to strictly control the tent production process to ensure the quality of the tent products delivered to customer.


  1. The tent quality inspector and material staff must check the integrity and quantity of each structural member before the goods leave the factory and go to the construction site for construction. If the deformation or defect of the structural member exceeds the allowable deviation, it should be processed and inspected Installation can only be carried out after passing the test. It is strictly forbidden to use unqualified components for construction


  1. After the truck arrives at the designated location and stops, wear gloves to unload, 2 persons are responsible for unloading from the vehicle, 2 persons are responsible for picking up the goods under the vehicle, 2 persons are responsible for transportation, and 1 person is responsible for placing the joist on the ground. (If the forklift is responsible for transportation, the two persons responsible for transportation can work or not work).


  1. Unloading order of tent materials: from top to bottom, from inside to outside, first light and then heavy, first small and then large, in addition, under the premise of ensuring safety, first remove the base, positioning and other objects


  1. It is strictly forbidden to unload goods from both directions of the truck.


  1. The staff responsible for unloading must focus on their efforts and cooperate well with each other. It is strictly forbidden to look around. It is not allowed to carry out unloading work until it is determined that other unrelated people are away from the unloading area.


  1. When unloading, it is strictly prohibited to throw, which may damage the tent.


  1. The unloaded cargos must be placed in a place that does not affect the construction and safety 1m away from the tent construction site. They should be placed neatly and orderly. on the ground.


  1. During unloading, other irrelevant staff are strictly prohibited from approaching the truck and traveling, staying or playing in the unloading area. If you must approach the truck or walk through and stay in the construction area, you must obtain the consent of the on-site commander before proceeding under the commander ’s arrangement .



All the tents delivered to customers are tightly packed and protected in strict accordance with standardized transportation procedures to avoid accidents caused by transportation bumps.




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