Material Preparation Before Tent Building

September 06 2019 0Comment

Tent material requirements
PVC trunking and accessories: Sterilized products should be used, the model and specifications should meet the design requirements,
inside and outside of the trunking should be smooth and flat, no thorns, no distortion, and other deformation phenomena.
Insulated wires used in tent construction: The model and specifications must meet the design requirements, has a product certification.
Casing: There are three types of bushings, including copper bushings and aluminum bushings, copper-aluminum transition sleeve,
the material should be the same as the material of the wire, and the corresponding size of the casing.
Tent accessories metal expansion bolts: It should be selected according to the pulling force.
Terminals: When selecting, it should be based on the wire cross section, and the number of terminals of the corresponding specifications are selected.
Galvanized materials: When using metal materials such as steel plates, round steel, flat steel, angle steel, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, spring pads, etc., they should be galvanized.
Auxiliary materials: drill bits, rubber insulation tape, plastic insulation tape, black rubber tape, etc.

Main equipment
Pencils, tape measure, pendant, powder belt, tin pot, blowtorch.
Electrician tools, hand drills, impact drills, megger meters, universal tool bags, tool boxes, high stools, etc.
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