KENTEN top-curved structure tents have the following four advantages

April 17 2020 0Comment


KENTEN top-curved structure tents are easy to install and disassemble and the tent can be built in different environments.

KENTEN top-curved structure tents use aluminum alloy frame,connected by steel parts,high-frequency welding of PVC tarpaulin,fixed base,and superior mechanical properties.

KENTEN can offer the pre-sale ,in-sale and after-sale tracking services,if you have questions,we will give you the first time to feedback and solve problems.

KENTEN top-curved structure tent’s span width ranging from 4m to 60m,unlimited length is available as well.The generally flat land such as sand,grass,asphalt cement and ceramic tiles can be used.

KENTEN top-curved structure tents can be designed and produced according to the needs. It has an elegant appearance and provides corresponding supporting facilities (ABS, high partition, top liner, side liner, floor, furniture, lighting, air conditioning, mobile toilet, European style fence)

Tent from Europe, Compare with other common tent,which is the temporary building,safe and reliable. And flexible to bulit in different environment. Cause not use any beam inside the tent, so the usage of span is 100%. Customers can extert the imagination to decorate their own tent in outdoor activity.The tents are very popular in the European and American countries where the rental industry is developed. The tent products are very mature, and they have complete tent facilities and other supporting services, and have formed a complete industry. The tent industry is just getting started in China, and tents are also a little-known concept in China.


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