KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES Service purposes-Customers are always right

April 23 2020 0Comment

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES Service purposes are not slogan, no matter at any time, any place, any problem occurs, the wrong party can always be the factory, and never the customer, regardless of whether the matter appears to be the customer’s fault. Without putting the customer first, that won’t work.

1.KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES have two principles for customers:

Principle 1: Customers are always right

Principle 2: Even if the customer is wrong, please refer to Principle 1 for implementation.

2.If the customer thinks it is our problem and it is our responsibility, at any time we can’t refrain.

3.The customer’s business is always urgent, no matter what.

4.After – sale service department should apologize to customers on behalf of the company soon and eliminate customer dissatisfaction.

5.After – sale service department need collect customers feedback and complaint to company in time,to solve the problem faster

6.There are no perfect tent products, but we have 100% satisfactory service, KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES will make up mistakes that may exist in the production process with 100% enthusiasm.

7.We must do our best to serve customers, even if the customer is dissatisfied with the product, but also let him feel in the service beyond the expected value.

8.The standard of customer satisfaction is: make your customers feel value for money through your service.

9.Please remember every customer is a potential complainant, and every customer should be taken seriously every service.

10.Service is also a product,and it need to subject to a special inspection by the auditors. The qualified standard is customer satisfaction.

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES., establish in 2001,specialized in tent of production,sale and rent service. 550,000 square meter of factory. Our product is popular at home and abroad. As one of the supplier in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES provide different type of tent for 14 sports venues and the best service, Through 19 years development, KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES is the company combine with exhibition planning,festival activities ,sporting event and Temporary Pavilion.




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