KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES Safety regulations for working at height

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KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES All safety tools used in high-altitude operations should be regularly inspected and tested according to the provisions of Table 14-2

Inspection and testing standards for tools used in high-altitude operations

Name Test static tension(Kn)Test period (Month)Appearance inspection cycle(Month)

Test time(mim)

2.25                    6                 1           5

seat belt


Foot buckle



1.The construction organization of KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES shall

Formulate corresponding safety technical measures for high-altitude operations

2.The plafform,passageway,ramp etc.for working at heights shall set 1.05m high protective railing and 180mm high foot guard. If necessary, install protective vertical net.

3.In case of strong winds of level 6 or above or bad weather, KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES will stop working immediately and take appropriate anti-skid measures.

  1. our KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES workers at high places must fasten their seat belts,The seat belt should be hung in a firm and reliable place above the human body.

5.Do not stack more than the allowable load on platforms, aisles, and scaffolds for high-altitude operations

6.High-altitude operators shall not sit on the edge of the platform or stand outside the railing.

7.When working on the framework and electric poles, there should be a special person on the ground for supervision and communication.

High-altitude operations must obey the construction specifications and prevent high-altitude operation safety accidents.




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