KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES industrial warehouse tents are well received by customer

May 26 2020 0Comment

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES large industrial warehouse tents have many advantages. It can be used as a temporary or long-term warehouse. It is also suitable for the construction of special engineering projects.KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES industrial warehouse tents can meet the different needs of various customers for warehouses.

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES Industrial warehouse tents can make a maximum eave height of 6 meters and ridge height of 10 meters . With the unlimited length of the splicable bay distance, the tent can be used as temporary storage equipment without considering the internal capacity.Container trucks and forklifts can easily enter and exit the warehouse tent from all sides. The 100% space utilization makes the shelf, pallet and other tools more than enough, which is very suitable for manufacturers with frequent throughput. 

The inside of KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES industrial warehouse tents are also flexible. ABS sidewalls, sandwich panels, steel structures, rollingdoors, etc., and even professional machinery such as negative-pressure fans and water curtains, can achieve multiple functions inside the industrial warehouse tents, and can make compartments inside to become dressing rooms It can also be made into storage room to store large equipment.About materials, we also have many environmentally friendly materials such as honeycomb paperboard and rock wool board for customers to choose.In addition, the industrial warehouse tents can do everything for the installation of various daily equipment.For air conditioners, toilets, lamps, sofas, televisions and so on, you can install them at will. Customers can use these supporting facilities to complete various tasks that permanent buildings cannot. The plasticity and reproducibility of the inside of the tent can better meet the different requirements of customers for using functions at different times.

What’s more KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES industrial warehouse tents also have many conveniences. In the planning of the land, it is not necessary to apply for a land use permit from the government for the construction of the tents. It is much more convenient to operate. warehouse tents also have corresponding professional solutions for various ground conditions. Expansion screws, steel brazing, and professional load-bearing systems are tents that can be built and used safely and securely on sand, grass, concrete, or indestructible floors such as marble.

KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES industrial warehouse tents have all-round convenience, while the price is cheaper than the steel structure, but also can guarantee its safety performance (wind resistance capacity of 80km / h, PVC tarpaulin fire rating reaches B1), so industrial warehouse tents are the best choice to solve the problem of temporary storage.



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