General Rules for Safety Measures for KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES tent

June 18 2020 0Comment

Over the past two decades,KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES has been active in large-scale events and exhibition markets throughout the country. It is familiar with the relevant policies of the event organization, the approval process and the display of major event venues.If necessary, we will formulate a complete plan for security, fire protection, water and electricity installation, and health care according to the needs of the project, and complete the application for site declaration, security, fire protection, and health care.

1.According to the characteristics of the tent project, the project implements three-level safety management and establishes a safety production management system led by the project manager. The quality safety team of KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES inspects the safety production construction of project management every day to promote and supervise its safety production management. Construction personnel participating in the project must adhere to the policy of safety first and prevention first. Establish a position responsibility system at all levels, abide by the safety regulations of the state and enterprises, and under no circumstances shall the command or operation be violated.

2.Build a construction safety management institution and a construction safety guarantee system.Meanwhile,Set up full-time construction safety personnel to use all working time for safety inspection, guidance and management during the construction process, and promptly feedback the safety matters in the construction operation to the on-site institutions.

3. Establish and improve the safety production responsibility system and safety production education and training system, and formulate safety production regulations and operating procedures. The project manager is responsible for the safe construction of the project, implements the safe production responsibility system, safe production regulations and operating procedures to ensure the effective use of safe production costs, and organizes the formulation of safe construction measures according to the characteristics of the project to eliminate the hidden dangers of safety accidents in a timely and truthful manner Report production safety accidents.

4. Enclosed construction with warning line signs, full-time safety production management personnel is responsible for on-site supervision and inspection of safety production. If hidden dangers of production safety accidents are discovered, they shall be reported to the project leader and the project safety production leading group in a timely manner; violations of the command and operation shall be immediately stopped.

5. Special operation personnel as prescribed by the state, as well as relevant operators who are prone to casualty accidents during the labor process, must be professionally trained and qualified to obtain special operation certificate before being allowed to work.

6. Scaffolding, platforms, ladders, protective fences, foot guards, safety belts and safety nets should be used for high-altitude construction at the tent construction site. Before work, carefully check whether the safety equipment used is firm and reliable. Workers engaged in high-altitude operations should be educated on the safety knowledge of high-altitude operations; workers in special high-altitude operations should be certified to work

7. The construction site of the tent construction should be equipped with safety protection facilities. Those entering the construction site should use qualified labor protection and protective equipment as required.

8. You must strictly abide by the system when entering the tent construction site, and educate the construction personnel on site safety. Before installing and using the scaffold, the scaffold must be carefully checked for signs of deterioration and the presence of the probe board. Obstacles should be cleared around the construction to prevent accidents caused by nail sticking. High-altitude operators (more than 2 meters) must wear non-slip shoes, safety belts, etc. to prevent accidents of people and objects falling from heights.

9.All kinds of machinery and equipment used in the construction of the tent should be regularly checked for safety, and those that are not qualified should be replaced.

10. The person in charge of the construction of the tent must confirm the start and end time of the construction after receiving the permit construction order and set up reliable protection according to the construction site before starting construction. The person in charge shall ensure that the construction section is evacuated within the time specified in the construction order.

11. Temporary electricity-using devices must comply with the regulations for safe electricity use. All hand-held power tools must have leakage protection devices. Insulated rubber boots should be worn when working in wet locations.

12. The tent building team conducts safety study once a week, and keeps records, investigates hidden dangers and loopholes, and often conducts safety education.

13.  Consciously abide by the entry and exit system at the tent construction site, and present your ID when entering and exiting the site.

14. Strictly implement the fire protection system and actively accept fire protection inspection

15. Equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment, centralized management of flammable materials, and set obvious signs, it is strictly forbidden to pile equipment materials around the fire hydrant to ensure the smooth flow of fire-fighting facilities roads

16. In order to ensure that all emergency work is carried out in an efficient and orderly manner in the event of an emergency, and to minimize casualties and financial losses, this plan needs to be formulated in accordance with the actual work of our company.



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