Fire Safety Measures in the Process of Tent Construction

September 16 2019 0Comment

1. Tent construction site execution《The People’s Republic of China Fire Regulations》and set warning signs according to national standards.
2. Implement the principle of “who is in charge and who is responsible”, establish a person responsible for fire prevention and control of the tent site,
strengthen the fire prevention of on-site personnel, legal education, conduct regular fire safety inspections.
3. It is strictly forbidden to carry flammable, explosive, dangerous goods enter the work shed, dormitory storage, set the furnace fire without authorization, litter cigarettes, fire.
4.The electric heating equipment used in the tent building shall be installed by a licensed electrician, not allowed to connect the wires privately and use the electric stove without authorization, while use of an electric heater requires a license.
5. Welding or ignition approval procedures must be gone through, remove flammable debris, have a person to follow the welding, extinguish the flame after welding or using it.
6. Fire fighting force should be established according to regulations on the site of tent building, equipped with necessary fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire buckets.
7. All tent construction personnel to achieve “three no”, “a compliance”, namely “do not steal, do not gamble, do not fight”, “abide by discipline and law”, violators will be punished.


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