Emergency treatment during the use of KENTEN tent

March 16 2020 0Comment

Emergency measures:

(1).Handling of fire prevention:

The tent frame work material is composed of aluminum alloy and steel components, and it is not flammable or combustion-supporting. The tent cover used has a fire resistance rating of B1.

When there is a fire, firstly we will check the source of the fire, and use nearby items such as water and sand to extinguish it according to the needs of the fire and the cause of the fire. At the same time, report to the company’s responsible person and other relevant personnel soon. All emergency agency personnel must immediately rush to the scene for treatment. Under the command of the person in charge of the company or the person in charge at the scene, carry out a rescue operation, and immediately carry out emergency evacuation of relevant personnel, open the zipper of the door and tent cloth, ventilate and exhaust smoke, guide passengers to a safe area in time, and dial 119 depending on the fire Report a fire alarm to assist firefighters in effective fire fighting.

  • .Handling of windproof:

According to the forecast of the meteorological department, when a typhoon warning of level 8 is received, our company immediately reports to the relevant departments of the customer. After the overall negotiation of the on-site tent situation, we will perform fixed measures such as adding steel cable to the tent in a timely manner. Possible evacuation of all nearby personnel. Unauthorized persons are strictly prohibited from entering without permission. Special reinforcement is necessary to ensure the stability of the tent and prevent accidents.


(3).Handling of other temporary accidents:

When there are accidents such as overcrowding, car collision, etc. that lead to damage to the scaffolding, our company will immediately send a special person to the site for investigation, and promptly organize the on-site staff to deal with it. At the same time, notify the factory department based on the hidden danger and send additional staff. The personnel will deal with it and set up special guards for the key parts, while other personnel strengthen inspections and do a good job of prevention.

Our company will store some materials at each construction site according to the actual situation on site to prepare for the occasional need. From the beginning of construction to the evacuation of the construction site, our company will arrange a special person to inspect the various construction sites and conduct hidden danger investigations to ensure safety. .

This plan will take effect immediately when the tent is built, and it will end when the tent is dismantled.




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