Emergency Plan of Kenten’s tent

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In order to ensure the safe use of the tent and prevent social adverse effects of casualties, property losses. We need to draw up the emergency plan of tent.So according to the actual work of Kenten’s company and combined with our company’s tent installation project experience, Our company have made highly professional emergency plan of tent and this plan we had discussed many times.

The main responsibilities of the emergency organization of the tent project are as follows:

All members of the emergency response organization must strictly follow the instructions of the leader.The members have the right to handle dangerous situations or potential hidden dangers according to the actual situation of the site,Do a good job of communication between the upper and lower personnel of the company and coordination with other units to ensure the safety and stability of the whole process of the use of tent and supporting facilities, specifically responsible for the following emergencies:

一.Handling of fire prevention situation;

二.Handling of windproof situation;

三.Handling of other temporary accidents;

All kinds of emergency measures:

(1).Handling of fire prevention situation:

The frame of tent is made of aluminum alloy and steel components,KENTEN tent cover is flame retardant according to B1, M2, DIN4102, NFP92503.With 90 mph wind speed, 3-second gust wind, Exposure cat. B .

When a fire occurs,Firstly, we check the source of the fire, according to the fire situation and the cause of ignition using nearby items such as water, sand, etc. according to the need to fight the fire.Meanwhile ,The fire situation must report to the person in charge of the company and other relevant personnel. All personnel of the emergency organization must rush to the site deal with the fire immediately. And immediately carry out the emergency evacuation of the relevant personnel, open the door and the zipper of the side cloth of the tent, ventilate and smoke exhaust, timely guide the passengers to the safety zone, call 119 to report the fire according to the fire situation, and assist the fire fighting staff to carry out the effective fire fighting work.

  • .Handling of windproof situation:

According to the forecast of meteorological department, when receiving the 8-level typhoon alarm, Kenten company will immediately report to the relevant departments of the customers, and after overall consultation on the situation of the tent on site, the tent will be timely fixed with steel cable and awning.At the same time, evacuate all people nearby as far as possible. Without permission, irrelevant people are strictly prohibited to enter. Special reinforcement shall be made for necessary parts to ensure the stability of the shelter and prevent accidents.

(3).Handling of other temporary accidents:

In case of overcrowding, damage of scaffold and other accidents, KENTEN company will immediately send special personnel to the site for investigation and timely organize on-site personnel on duty to deal with them.At the same time, the factory department shall be informed according to the situation of the hidden danger, and additional personnel shall be assigned to deal with it, and special personnel shall be assigned to guard the key parts. At the same time, other personnel shall strengthen patrol inspection and do a good job of prevention.

KENTEN company will store some materials in each construction site according to the actual situation of the site in case of any emergency. From the beginning of construction to the evacuation of the construction site from the caravan, our company will arrange a special person to inspect each construction site and conduct hidden danger investigation for various situations to ensure safety.

The emergency plan for tent shall come into effect immediately from the time of construction and end when the demolition is completed.




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