Emergency plan for evacuation of people in event tent

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1.The lessor of the tent shall set up a security office at the site to coordinate the security and fire fighting work.

2.Kenten company will arrange specially-assigned person to be responsible for the handling of fire and security emergencies and contact with relevant units.

3.Kenten company will invite the police agency arrange relevant police officers to help guide the security work on site.

4.The lessor of tent hire a professional security company to take charge of the security work on site.

5.The lessor of the tent invites the fire department to arrange fire trucks and firefighters to guide the fire fighting work on site.

6.Ensure that the evacuation channel in the tent is unblocked, and set clear evacuation guidance.

In case of any of the following situations, the emergency evacuation plan for large activities shall be prepared or immediately started.

(1)Due to social security emergencies, such as receiving threatening phone calls, finding suspicious items, etc.

(2)Due to personal violence, such as malicious injury, etc.

(3)Due to sudden accidents and disasters, such as fire breaks out in a large event, etc.

(4)Events due to natural disasters, such as typhoon, earthquake, etc.

7.In a state of emergency, Emergency commander Authorize on-site commander to

issue evacuation order and determine evacuation route.Attention please:This is emergency  broadcast,Please follow the instructions of the on-site staff,Under the leadership of the      staff,Everyone shall evacuate along the designated safe passage route.

8.Evacuation route: According to the principle of evacuation nearby, select the shortest distance channel for evacuation; the evacuation guidance group guides the personnel to separate according to the principle of evacuation nearby; the warning and security group establishes a warning area to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering.

9.Channel management: After the emergency plan is put into use, the evacuation guidance group shall immediately organize personnel to open all safety doors and channels in the tent, remove obstacles and ensure the smooth evacuation of people.The on-site commander shall command the evacuation order in the site as the case may be.

The personnel of alert and security organization shall ensure that the vehicles of emergency department can enter and leave smoothly. The rescue team shall be ready for rescue immediately. The rescue and repair team is on standby.

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