Division of Labor and Responsibilities of safety production Management Organization of KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES

May 21 2020 0Comment

(1)The general manager is the main person in charge of the company’s safety production.


(2)in charge of safety production is the person directly responsible for safety production, and assists the general manager to be specifically responsible for the safety production management of KENTEN CLEARSPAN STRUCTURES.


(3)The safety production department is our Full-time management department.The person in charge of this department must with the qualification of sagety director.We set a safety director.it is specifically responsible for the overall management of safety production and is the main person in charge of safety production of the company.

(4)The Ministry of Personnel is responsible for recruitment management, labor contract management, employee safety training and qualification management, safety protection and work injury insurance management.


(5)The security guard is responsible for the safety and security of our factory area,including fire protection,anti-theft,anti-explosion and the prevention of various safety accidents.Our factory establishes a registration system for personnel entering and leaving the factory area and the security guard is responsible for registering any personnel entering and leaving the factory area.


(6)The production department is responsible for the production schedule of the construction of the tent, the design and arrangement of the process, the production organization, coordinated management and safety guarantee of the workshops. For violations of the national safety law, we will promptly find and stop them in time to ensure the company The safety production management system and operating procedures have been implemented.




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