Advantages of Industrial Storage Marquee Tent

January 13 2020 0Comment

Most production companies in China are facing the problem of uneven stocks in slack and peak seasons, which lead to the trouble of storage capacity adjustment. However, traditional storage of steel or reinforced concrete are also difficult to solve this problem. At present, the emergence of storage marquee tents has brought good news for enterprises to solve the problem of storage capacity adjustment. Followings are the five benefits of industrial storage marquee tents.

  1. Flexible detach and relocation: The industrial storage marquee tents manufactured by KENTEN Tent are easy to construct and disassemble. Besides, no material loss is achievable from the demolition to the secondary construction. After every dismantling, it can be repeatedly built and used. Therefore, the construction, expansion, relocation and demolition of tents can be quickly realized according to the seasonal conditions.
  2. Short construction period: Using light and safe high-strength aluminum alloy profiles as the main structure of the KENTEN tents, normally around 1,000 square meters storage tent can be set up within a day, which greatly shortens the construction period and the tents can be quickly put into use.
  3. Low construction cost: Foundation treatment is not necessary and the cost per square meter of buildings is as low as ¥200~500, which significantly reduces the upfront investment and improves the efficiency of capital operation.
  4. Simplified approval process and low additional investment: Industrial storage marquee tents are temporary buildings which do not require the approval administrative construction report (expect in some specific areas, simple approval is required according to the civil construction policy).
  5. High intelligence integration and equipment: Industrial storage marquee tents can be equipped with integrated access control system, security system, power supply, heating system, ventilation and other ancillary equipment. At the same time, provided with various supporting equipment for installing and fixing, the safety and stability of the tent are also under guaranteed.


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