Advantage of Structure Tent


Structure Tents replace the traditional architectural form and meet your various requirements for the building with its excellent performance,
such as large span,natural lighting,long life and beautiful appearance.If your needs change, it can be easily moved or expanded.This flexibility is very beneficial in today’s rapid changing environment.
Compared with traditional buildings,structure tents show its form and material advantages in some special environment.

Structure Tents are called “Mobile property” because of its flexible assembling and dismantling, easy storage and transportation.
Structue tent is a combination of standard units,span range from 3m to 60m.The length can be extended infinitely.
It can also be flexibly customized according to the style of the exhibition and the characteristics of the venue.
It is widely used in professional exhibitions, celebration parties, outdoor weddings, sports events, festivals (music festivals, beer festivals, food festivals), temporary warehouses, factory buildings, emergency relief, etc.

The self-cleaning performance of the Structure tent: treated with chemical finish, the surface of the structure tent cover is not dust-absorbing, anti-pollution, anti-mold. The tent cover we use has high self-cleaning performance.
On one hand, it can prevent the aging of the base fabric and pvc coating and prolong the life the cover. On the other hand, the cover is anti-ash,it can be easily cleaned when it rains.

Using special cover, the tent can filter part of the light, and the solid wall (such as ABS wall, glass wall )and air conditioner can also be installed to adjust indoor temperature.

Optical performance of the tent: Optical properties are also very important for structure tent cover. The application is mainly divided into opaque tent cover and translucent tent cover.
First, it can filter out most of the ultraviolet rays to prevent the internal items from fading;
The second is to have a certain light transmittance for natural light, so that the transmission produces diffused light inside the structure, no shadow, no glare, and the natural soft radiance when the night light is illuminated, which is intoxicating;
The third is to keep warm in the summer and cool in winter.


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