A good tent should be solid and airy,Aluminum alloy tents are the most practical in all seasons

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There are many different types of in four seasons,but the better ones should have the following


Solid frame:Tents can be used in colder environments and have a lot in common with some climbing tents.The basic requirements of tent are:There are at least three curtain rod , usually more.That’s why they’re heavier than the common three seasons tent.The material of the pole should be aluminum alloy,high-strength aluminum alloy or carbon fiber instead of fragile fiberglass.

Sleek appearance.In windy weather,the shape of the tent seriously affects its stability.We should avoid tents that are too high and whose walls are vertical because of the great resistance,we should choose streamlined tents.


There are many fixed points.Ensure that the external account is as close to the ground as possible,Fix all the nylon snap rings on the outer curtain to the ground with the ground nails,The other end is threaded under the accounting rod through nylon fastener or Velcro fastener.Inside the tent, the nylon rope on the top of the tent shall be tied tightly to strengthen the tent pole and enhance the stability.

Extra space.The four seasons tent should have at least one canopy,which can store climbing boots,climbing bags and wet coats,In rainy and cold weather,you can also cook in the tent.If there are two doors and two awnings,it is better to have more storage space,better ventilation effect and more convenient access.

Good ventilation effect.The top four seasons tents should have ventilation windows,rain hoods on the outside and pull locks on the inside to ensure ventilation can be opened under any weather conditions.These ventilation windows should be open at the top of the tent so that the warm and humid air can easily escape.Basically, the zippers on the internal and external account doors should be two-way zippers, so that a gap can be left at the upper part of the door instead of the lower part, so that warm and wet air can be released easily, and cold air can not be directly blown to the campers.

Whether the space provided by the tent is suitable or not is the most important index to choose the tent. How tall are you? When you lie comfortably in a sleeping bag, can the tent provide enough length? Is there enough vertical space? Do you feel flustered when sitting in it? The longer you plan to spend in the tent, the more space you need the tent.

If you go to a cold place, you may have to prepare dinner in a tent. You need a tent with a special vent. It’s comfortable to make a little hot coffee or instant noodles, but if you use a stove in the tent, there should be enough space in the tent to ensure safety. Tent manufacturers often overestimate how many people a tent can hold. A tent with a nominal capacity for one or two people usually means that it is enough for one person to use, but when two people use it, they may throw all the contents and food out of the tent. This is a problem that must be considered when choosing tents

Kenten clearspan structures is specializes in manufacturing all kinds of aluminum tents. Kenten reminded that the selection of tents mainly considered durability, wind and rain resistance.


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